Design a custom embosser to put your company logo or personal seal on documents, envelopes, books and any other paper item. Embossers are handheld devices that crimp raised text and shapes on paper. The mark made by an embosser has a desirable tactile feel, creating a more elegant look than printed ink. Businesses use embossed seals to give important documents more weight.

Embosser Specs

  • Available in 2 sizes: 1 5/8” and 2”
  • Round die
  • Choice of pocket or desk models

Pocket Embossers

starting at $35.99

You can make your mark on the go with the convenience of a round pocket embosser. This allows you to take your professional seal with you when you’re visiting clients or on the road. 3 sizes: 1 5/8", 1"x2" and 2"

Desk Embossers

starting at $41.99

These heavy-duty desk embossers can handle heavier stocks of paper and to press a deeper imprint onto the paper. Make your very best impression every time you use your seal. For best impression results, 20lb paper or lighter is recommended for use with these embossers. 3 sizes: 1 5/8”, 1”x2” and 2”

Sizes and styles for every need.

Whether you're using them on your desk or on the go, embossers are designed for both business and personal use. Add a special message or seal on everything from promotional materials to official documents to wedding invitations. Desk and pocket embossers are available in three sizes.

Available Sizes:

big oval


Starting at:




Starting at:



1" x 2"

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Foil Lettering Card