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Fiji Natural Artesian Water, 1 Liter Bottle, 6/Pack
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Model #632565-000029TB
  • 1 per count
  • Provides plenty of hydration to support your workouts, and helps to offset the effects of dehydration
FIJI Water comes from a deep artesian aquifer and is naturally mineral-enhanced to give it a unique taste that is softer and smoother than pure spring-fed water. The Fiji Islands are located southwest of Hawaii and northeast of New Zealand and are 1,600 miles from the nearest continent. Fiji benefits from equatorial trade winds that gather rain clouds untainted by land pollution and release precipitation onto a tropical rainforest that grows throughout mountains of volcanic origin. The rainwater filters through the volcanic rock into pristine aquifers, where it gathers minerals and then resurfaces under natural pressure. One of these aquifers is the source of Fiji Water. The company bottles the water immediately into distinctive rectangular containers with a decorative floral imprint. Staples carries a wide selection of beverages including bottled water, tea, and coffee.

Fiji Water Comes in Different Size Containers
The Fiji Water company brands the distinctive bottles in four sizes. All sizes come in different size Fiji Water cases as well. The smallest bottle is 330 milliliters, available in a 36-bottle case. This size fits comfortably in the hands of small children and nestles easily in purses and cup holders. The 500-milliliter bottle is the widest selling size and comes in Fiji Water cases of 24. The bottle holds one adult serving. The two other bottle sizes are the 1-liter and 1.5-liter containers that come in 12-count cases. The bottle sizes are ideal for the conference table, meals or the household refrigerator.

Fiji Water Has a Corporate Commitment to Eco-Preservation
The company is a partner with Conservation International in work committed to preserving and protecting the valuable ecosystems of the Fiji Islands. It has extended a long-term lease to conserve 40,000 acres of rainforest, plus is undertaking a reforestation project of 2,800 acres of land, planting hardwood timber that will deter soil erosion, provide watershed protection and create animal habitats while also providing long-term jobs with sustainable logging practices. Its bottling plant rigorously follows the environmental management system, ISO14001, that is the global standard for product processing.

Fiji Water Is Integral to the Economy and People of the Fiji Islands
This product is the most important export of the Fiji Islands in terms of dollar value to GDP. The company has a global reach that requires many different production, administration and sales positions that provide an important source of employment for the local area. The company has also established the Fiji Water Foundation, a trust fund that invests in infrastructure that gives rural communities access to clean water and sanitation, as well as both educational and health-care facilities. The charitable work of this foundation has improved the basic living needs of more than 40,000 Fijians in more than 100 different villages throughout the Islands.

The water's soft, smooth taste from a naturally mineralized aquifer makes it unique among bottled brands. The company's diverse bottle sizes give consumers plenty of options for having it always on hand. The company's commitment to the people and environment of the Islands give the brand a distinctive position at home and in the global marketplace. You can also purchase new K-cups, juice, and other quality beverages that help keep your employee hydrated throughout the day.

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